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Mississippi Council of the Blind
Awards Criteria

  1. Letters of recommendation should be submitted to Awards Committee Chairperson by February 15 in order for committee to make their slate of recommendations available for Board approval at March meeting in Executive session.
  2. The committee chairperson is responsible for notifying convention chairman of recipients and guests who will be attending banquet when award ceremony is held.
  3. Plaques are purchased and presented to award recipients at awards banquet, annual convention.
  4. The awards committee chairperson usually presides over ceremony.

The following awards are given providing there is recommendations submitted. Committee does need written letters giving us information regarding person you are suggesting.

Icy Day Employer of the Year Recognizes a company or someone in private business who exercises the practice of hiring a blind or visually impaired individual to perform work skills in their work place
Jessie Jaynes Employee of the Year Recognizes an individual who is blind or visually impaired for outstanding work performance in the work place
Annie Denmon Citizenship Award Recognizes a senior high school student who exemplifies good citizenship in a leadership roll in school activities, someone who is outstanding academically
Frankie Thames Service Award Recognizes an individual who gives of their time, compassion, and service to the blind community
George W. Cantin Humanitarian Award Recognizes an individual who has dedicated a lifetime of good will and service to promote and enhance the lives of blind Mississippians

These awards do not have to be given out each year.

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