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Qualifications for Grant Recipients

If you are a legally blind resident of Mississippi who is ineligible for equipment funding from vocational rehabilitation or independent living programs and have not had an open case with vocational rehabilitation in the past year, and are aware of specific adaptive electronic devices or adaptive software products that will enhance your personal independence in specific practical ways, you may be eligible for a Technology Assistance Grant from the Carter Gable Memorial Technology Fund.

Mississippi Council of the Blind provides this fund as a consumer outreach service only to legally blind residents of Mississippi. The purpose of this grant is to assist you in purchasing all or part of the adaptive items which you request.


To apply for the Technology Assistance Grant, please complete the Technology Assistance Grant form. Return it to the above address along with a current eye report, and a letter describing your need for the adaptive items.

If your application is approved, you will receive notification which will contain specific instructions for submitting your technology co-payment. The approved items will not be ordered until the client's co-payment has been received by the Treasurer of the Mississippi Council of the Blind. If the co-payment is in the form of a personal check, said check must clear before any order is submitted.

The Technology Assistance Grant will not exceed $2,000.00. This money may only be applied toward the purchase of the adaptive item which is listed on the application, approved by the Technology Committee, and which has not been purchased in the past. Grant checks will only be written to and mailed directly to the vendor chosen by the applicant and agreed to by the Technology Committee during the application review. Each applicant may receive only one grant for one item within a two-year period commencing with the date of the awarding of the first grant to the applicant. If job-related equipment is needed, you must apply to the Ms Department of Rehabilitation Services, and/or to other rehabilitation programs for assistance.

The Technology Assistance Grant from the Carter Gable Memorial Technology Fund is intended to be used only to assist legally blind residents of Mississippi with the purchase of adaptive technology for personal home and non-vocational use. Applications are reviewed monthly by the Technology Committee.

No grant will be awarded as a reimbursement for equipment that has already been purchased, or for the purchase of used equipment from an individual. Grant money may be used for the purchase of refurbished equipment if it comes with a satisfactory warranty. Grant money may be used to purchase adaptive equipment or software which has been returned to the Technology Committee at half of the original purchase price if the equipment is in good working order. No grant will be awarded toward the purchase of standard, off-the-shelf Braille writers, typewriters, computers, printers, computer monitors, or computer software packages. If awarded a grant, you will be required to make a co-payment of 20% of the cost of the adaptive equipment plus any amount over the award. The co-payment and/or overage payment may not be paid by any MCB Chapter.

The co-payment and/or overage must be received by the MCB Treasurer prior to ordering item awarded and payment must also be received within 30 days of the date or award will be forfeited. No grants will be awarded for the purchase of adaptive equipment or technology costing less than $250.00.

Adaptive equipment or adaptive technology is generally defined as items that are specifically manufactured for use by blind or visually impaired persons.

The technology Assistance Grant form is available in a variety of accessible formats. Please direct all form requests or questions to Mississippi Council of the Blind at (601) 624-4443, or (601) 937-5461, or e-mail . Send all written inquiries and completed applications to the address at the top of this document.

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